Charleston Bakery Deli Summerville Catering Wedding Cake

Charleston Bakery and Deli. A traditional Jewish delicatessen in Summerville SC.  Catering and delivery of special orders including Wedding Cakes available.

“If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite
things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well”
During the day we’re a Jewish delicatessen and bakery preserving the traditions of this old world cuisine. As the day winds along and approaches 4pm the kitchen staff begin to pack up their rolling pins, knives, aprons and chef hats and retire home only to be replaced by a group of accomplished foodmeisters who toss their yarmulke and shawls to the side and begin to furiously chop, roll, sautee, steam, grill and roast.  At 5pm sharp a small sign is placed on the entrance door noting the transformation from bakery and delicatessen to a dinner only menu. See the menu to see what we dreamed up for you.
We wanted to provide, without question, the best salads in the city and make it a memorable experience. If you've never experienced a chopped salad you're in for a pleasant surprise. The combinations are fabulous and we chop to the perfect eating size and toss it in the dressing of your choice. Each of the 12 salads are also available in a wrap. For the first time ever we'll be giving "Chop Chop" cards that allow you to get your 10th salad FREE. Each salad and wrap also has a calorie count for those that find that important. So what are you waiting for...let's get chopping!
Eating Never Tasted So Good.
"I'll Have That With A Schmear"
2016 Fall & Winter News
Our favorite season of the year has arrived! Not only because we’re all worn out from the heat this past summer but also because it’s soup time and few do soup as well as the CB&D. Our soups aren’t from the factories and we’d never serve it in styrofoam cups. We have too much respect for what we make you each morning. We dice, slice, chop, shred and stew some of the most magnificent soup stocks you’ll taste. On average you’ll find 5-6 choices each day that go perfect with a baguette. This season we will not have soups in the cooler for you to take home. We just couldn’t keep up with it all last season BUT we’ll be glad to put a quart together for you to take home, you  just need to ask.

On the dinner front we’ve just added 4 new mussel bowls. They include a Coconut Curry, French and Moroccan style and a simple but spicy Marinara. You can have them as an appetizer or add angel hair for a dinner entrée. All are excellent. The mussels this year are plump and sweat. If you haven’t had dinner with us yet you’re missing out on a great meal. Do put us on your bucket list to try.

We’ve just wrapped up our 2016 Thanksgiving dessert menu. Click here to see what we’ve dreamed up for this season.
The deadline for ordering is November 17th and it’s recommended that you get your order in early. When we’re booked up, we’re booked up and often before the deadline.
At the CB&D the classic bagel and lox stands out as one of the area's emblematic culinary titans. Like so many Jewish food favorites, this simple sandwich is rooted in an immigration story. In the 1800s inexpensive, already-cooked lox - a derivation of the Yiddish word for Salmon was born to Eastern European Jews. In the 1930s, a Kraft-sponsored radio show hyped the combination of bagels and cream cheese and within a decade, the Jewish answer to the cheeseburger had caught on.

Today, there are endless numbers of combinations of bread, spread and fish - from the pared-down purist versions to the profane bastardizations (the blueberry bagel with maple cream cheese.)