Charleston Bakery and Deli. A traditional Jewish delicatessen in Summerville SC.  Catering and delivery of special orders including Wedding Cakes available.


Bourbon Pecan - Maple Pecan -  Apple - Dutch Apple & Nuts -  Key Lime
Chocolate Oreo Cream - Mississippi  - Bourbon Sweet Potato - Cherry
Lemon Meringue - Lemon Almond Meringue
Peach - Rhubarb - Root Beer  - Chocolate Cream - Maple Pumpkin Chess - Lemon Custard - Coconut Cream - Boston Cream
Americans prefer a good old pie more than any other dessert.  And who makes the best pies?  Mom of course and we’ve got plenty of those working at the Charleston Bakery.  Here we take the art of pie making seriously because who wants a pie that looks or taste like one fresh off a conveyor belt.   Below you’ll find our repertoire of pies and if you see one missing that your Aunt Ruth made years ago we’ll be glad to make that for you because here at the Charleston Bakery it’s  “easy as pie”