Charleston Bakery and Deli. A traditional Jewish delicatessen in Summerville SC.  Catering and delivery of special orders including Wedding Cakes available.


Low Rider (12 oz)  4.00  Med (16 oz)  4.75  Grande (20 oz)  5.50
Dreamy Orange Creamsicle Dreamy Rasberry Creamsicle Serendipity Hot Chocolate  Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate  Coco Cinnamon Espresso  Cookies & Cream  
Cafe con Leche 
Strawberries & Cream
Vanilla - Caramel - Salted Caramel - Hazlenut - Mocha  Peppermint Mocha - Almond Joy - Milky Way - Nutella
Chai Tea - Creme Bruleé
Americano  3.75  Extra Shot of Espresso  1.50  Extra Flavor Shots  .75  Double Shot  3.50
Vanilla Bean - Mocha - Caramel  Expresso - Milky Way
Peanut Butter & Chocolate 
Low Rider (12 oz)  4.00  Med (16 oz)  4.75  Grande (20 oz)  5.50
Charleston Roadhouse
Our most popular blend, this would have been the perfect coffee to enjoy going over the old Cooper River Bridge which required a steady hand and attention to detail.  Great body and balance finishing with slight nuttiness.
Blonder than Blonde
A lighter tasting decafinated coffee perfectly balnced and processed using a natural Swiss water process.
Cubano Blue Reserve
A dark roasted blend thats creamy, strong, without that bitter underflavour that sometimes accompany other strong coffees.
Charleston-Barbados Rum Coffee
Beautiful aroma from the beans and dark rum flavorings.  There is no coffee that we know in the world that delivers such a beautiful and pure coffee smell or experience.
Good Humor Vanilla
Reminds us of the Good Humor ice cream truck pulling up to our neighborhood and dispensing the best vanilla ice cream.  We merged Mexican vanilla and Costa Rica coffee beans.  Mellow, indulgent and very smooth.
Carrot Cake
Our new roast will really take you by surprise.  How the heck do we roast and finish these beans with the sweet smell and taste of carrots, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.  Also available to take home by the lb.
The perfect compliment to our fresh baked bagels, danish, croissants and muffins is the Coffee Bar at at the Charleston Bakery and Delicatessen.  Here you’ll find a unique selection of six daily coffees all available at one price.  Roasting our coffee beans fresh every week the CB&D is the perfect place to start your day early and choose from a menu offering espressos, lattes, and herbal teas. The New York Times, complimentary Wi-Fi access and easily accessible outlets make it that much more enjoyable.