Charleston Bakery and Deli. A traditional Jewish delicatessen in Summerville SC.  Catering and delivery of special orders including Wedding Cakes available.

The Charleston Bakery spent two years formulating the receipes for our rum cakes with the
basic ideas originating from Charlestonís mother colony Barbados dating back to the mid-
seventeenth century.   It is an exquisite and distinct marriage when gold medium bodied
rum aged a minimum of 4 years meets fresh cake flour, coconut, unrefined plantation sugar,
Belgium chocolates,  walnuts and other ingredients that make up six varieties of cakes  
Today we proudly say we are not the largest rum cake bakery in the world but the bakers of
the finest rum cakes in the world.

Our mini rum cakes are available every day at the Charleston Bakery and our 16 and 32
ounce rum cakes are made to order.  When ordering we recommend as the perfect
compliment our house roasted Charleston Barbados Rum Coffee. 

You can enjoy one of the CB&Dís rum cake at the store or order any of the three size rum
cakes over the phone or by emailing us.

Available flavors are Original Charleston Rum  or Coconut Almond

Rum Cakes

It's famous,
infamous and
notorious. It has
destroyed diets
and led to love
Marriages have
been proposed
over it, couples
have wed
because of it,
princes have
been made from
it and customers
beg and plead
and offer firstborn
sons for the
4 oz rum cakes -  5.00/ea -  Minimum of 6 please
16 oz rum cake - Serves 6-8 - 28.00
32 oz rum cake - Serves 10-14 - 34.00